• Big Bike Giveaway 2019!

    Don’t forget Big Bike Giveaway is again collecting bikes this summer. Check dates and locations at Mark down Sunday, September 8 on your calendar as this is the big date of the giveaway. This year the event is happening at Argyle Arena on 1048 Wavell Street. Registration begins at 9 am and is first come first serve (Limit to 1 bike per person)

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  • My Summer Experience in London

    A Colourful Summer in London By Julia Labelle London is a welcoming city and very involved in the environment and culture is my perception. Thanks to the YMCA Summer Work Student Exchange I am here for the summer to practice my English along with 14 others students and have a life experience. I live in was able to discover the Sunfest Festival. I had the opportunity to ...

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  • 2018 Projects

    This past year has been busy for TREA in reaching the community. Key projects in 2018 have included: -TREA facilitating environmental workshops with newcomers (primarily in the Spanish community). -Conducting surveys/discussion on waste reduction barriers and solutions door-to-door in the Woodfield neighbourhood (this summer) and Kensington Village (this fall). -Promoting local food and energy conservation topics, building a pollination garden. -Helping ...

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  • Big Bike Giveaway!

    Since 2014, our friends at Big Bike Giveaway have given out over 750 free bikes to the community! All funds received go to purchasing parts to repair donated bikes (tires, chains, tubes, brakes etc.) Tell your friends and reserve the date - Sunday September 30th @ Boyle Memorial Community Centre, 530 Charlotte Street, London OEV REGISTRATION OPENS 9 AM. First-Come-First-Served, 1 bike per person. Right fit necessary! For more ...

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  • Waste Reduction

    We have been working again at reducing waste at special events. We visited Home County Folk Festival and Inspiration Fest again this year, also in east London and at Springbank Gardens. More to do – just look at Gathering on the Green’s team which is water bottle free! Groups organizing waste management plans need to incorporate these ideas without hesitation-please ask the City for this standard. We thank Maryanne who obtained a polystyrene ban at Victoria ...

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  • Pollinator Gardens

    We are starting up a pollinator garden at Grosvenor Lodge beside TREA’s composter demonstration site. Thank you Nature London for your support. We also look forward to our new partner’s local expertise – check out Last, we have a new flyer and have reorganized the public viewing of TREA’s composters and ground covers making them more visible. July 2018 Newsletter

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  • London’s First Urban Agriculture Steering Committee

      TREA is excited to have attended the City’s first Urban Agriculture Steering Committee meeting this month. The goal is to develop a plan engaging community to become involved with all the strategy’s many action opportunities. A final report at year end will be strategized for Council’s consideration. March 2018 Newsletter

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  • TREA Video

      During February and March TREA is developing a TREA video specifically to talk about TREA and its opportunities, as well as creating a new TREA pop-up display panel and new project flyers. February 2018 Newsletter

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  • Governance, Special Projects and Events

      TREA is taking special time now to map out the year 2018. This includes governance, special projects, presentations, special events and volunteer opportunities.   January 2018 Newsletter

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  • LEN’s Day of Refle-Action

       TREA and participate with LEN’s Day of Refle-Action held on Nov. 17 with other community groups. Amazing updates and idea sharing took place and a fabulous lunch was catered by Growing Chefs.   December 2017 Newsletter

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