Who We Are

TREA (Thames Region Ecological Association) is a vital, non-profit, charitable organization promoting awareness of ecological issues and opportunities to its Members and the Community.

TREA’s focus is simple – To increase the level of awareness and participation in sustainable efforts happening today in Thames Region. For over 26 years, TREA has worked alongside a wide variety of Community Groups, Organizations, Environmental Proponents and Governments to continuously reach out to the Community and invite people to participate in a movement where respect for our shared environment prevails. Sustainability is our conscious effort to not only be aware of but also involved in activities that enhance the health of our Community and Environment. TREA opens the door for those wanting to make healthier environmental choices by connecting them to a wide variety of those who do. By raising awareness about sustainable options specific to our Community, Residents in Thames Region have the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

Through our Waste & Recycling and Active Transportation Working Groups, TREA holds Campaigns each summer that bring our Environmental Community, Members and Volunteers together to share our respect for the environment with others. By providing manageable options people can easily incorporate into their daily lives, we can all help improve the health of the environment and each other.

TREA’s Carbon Footprint Reduction Working Group focuses on exploring the collective power of our everyday choices. We hold a number of Speaker Series workshops throughout the year where subject matter experts share how our choices influence the environment on a larger scale and open a discussion on practical things we can do, both individually and as a Community, to lessen our impact on the environment.

Structure of TREA

TREA has a working Board of Directors, elected by the General Membership, which serves to organize monthly meetings and oversee the activities of each working group.

TREA welcomes the Community to join our General Meetings at Grosvenor Lodge the second Thrusday of each month (except August) to learn about topics of interest to our Members, share experiences with others and network new ideas  and opportunities to be involved. TREA operates by consensus, giving all members the opportunity to participate in the decision making process.


TREA supports governmental decisions and local activities based on sound ecological principals and the improvement of environmental conditions.

The Organization funds its activities and operations through Membership fees, Government grants and Donations.