Who We Are

TREA is a local, non-profit registered charity (1986). TREA’s main goal is to educate its members and community to protect the environment, stay informed and take personal action. Its vision is a sustainable community.

Sustainability is our conscious effort to not only be aware of but also take action on activities that enhance the health of our community and the environment.  TREA is a viable resource.

TREA’s mission is to educate our members and the community towards the development of an ecological responsible and sustainable future through awareness, (reflection) (caring) and action.


Its vision is a sustainable community.

Culture and Behaviour Change

We are the educators, persuaders and motivators, influencing people’s actions, choices and behaviours. We campaign, inform, educate, convince and inspire others to be part of the solution.

Our value proposition is that we are committed to minimizing our community’s ecological footprint. Providing opportunities for rewarding experiences that enhance sustainable behaviour are a foundation of our programming.

To fulfill our mission, TREA’s broadest outcomes are strategic goals of:

Much of TREA’s work is one-on-one to help mentor citizens over barriers toward sustainable behaviours through more informed decisions. TREA supports new community leaders, and their innovative projects from and for the community, and TREA moves forward collaborative efforts to bring about change. This has included activities such as workshops, curricula, measurable projects, conferences, outreach, trainings, position statements, and public policy.

TREA projects support TREA’s strategic goals of increasing waste diversion, active transportation and reducing fossil fuel usage. TREA has been a pioneer in the community and looks forward to continuing a leadership role. Most of TREA’s work is done by volunteers. TREA funds its activities and operations primarily through membership fees, partnership projects, grants and donations.

Structure of TREA

TREA has a working Board of Directors, elected by the General Membership, which serves to organize monthly meetings and oversee the activities of each working group.

TREA welcomes the Community to join our General Meetings at Grosvenor Lodge the second Thrusday of each month (except August) to learn about topics of interest to our Members, share experiences with others and network new ideas  and opportunities to be involved. TREA operates by consensus, giving all members the opportunity to participate in the decision making process.


TREA supports governmental decisions and local activities based on sound ecological principals and the improvement of environmental conditions.

The Organization funds its activities and operations through Membership fees, Government grants and Donations.