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If you’ve got environmental questions, we’ve got answers, or at least a good idea where to find them.

If you are a student, we have lots of Volunteer opportunities to be involved in the Community! From helping out at the London Bicycle Festival to staffing EcoStations at beautiful Victoria Park, to fun and exciting TREA Outreach initiatives, we have Volunteer spots for you. If you’re interested in exploring other environmnetal options in the area, TREA can connect you to the wide variety of options available in Thames Region.

New to London? TREA can help you become familiarized with proper use of Municipal Services, connect you to meeting new people in your area and get you well on your way towards feeling comfortable in your new hometown.

TREA supports the use of Active Transportation in the Coummuntiy and would be happy to share all the options available to you. We can connect you with the numerous groups and Businesses that can help you achieve a more sustainable, active lifestyle.

TREA also supports Residents, Organizations, Schools and Event Planners to use best sustainable practices when it comes to waste management. Our services provide a comprehensive Waste Management Plan to help you keep waste disposal costs down and recovery of our valued resources up. By properly managing waste produced either at home, work, schools or events, TREA is here to support you with the most current knowledge available today.*

*Please note fees may apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor/Backyard Composting

Four-legged animals have been visiting my compost. What should I do?
There are bugs in my compost pile. What should I do?
A million tiny flies …



A pesticide is any substance or mixture of inactive and active ingredients used to prevent, repel, or kill an organism that we consider undesirable. They …


Compost Use

Using Compost

Before planting, dig the compost into the soil of your garden
Use the compost as a mulch layer around shrubs or trees
Spread the compost over …


Composting Workshop Series

To download Concrete-Block Three-Bin Turning Unit,Click Here

To download Garbage-Can Composter,