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January 2024 Newsletter

Here’s to a new year of environmental action in London!

November 2022 Newsletter #2

November 2022 Newsletter #1

June/July 2022 Newsletter

May 2022 Newsletter

April 2022 Newsletter

March 2022 Newsletter

January/February 2022 Newsletter

December 2021 Newsletter

The Thames Region Ecological Association wishes everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

November 2021 Newsletter

Rain, Rain … Don’t Go Away… (but not so much at once!)

September 2021 Newsletter

A new cycle begins with the startup of school and the end of summer

July/August 2021 Newsletter

We miss the outdoor music festivals, but it’s important to stay safe

June 2021 Newsletter

Good weather to be outdoors!

May 2021 Newsletter

April showers bring May flowers!

April 2021 Newsletter

April – Celebrate Earth Day in your own space!

March 2021 Newsletter

March – Welcome Spring!

February 2021 Newsletter

February –  Stay Safe!

January 2021 Newsletter

January – It’s a brand new year of excitement!

November 2020 Newsletter

November – Where does the time go?

October 2020 Newsletter

October – another busy month!

August/September 2020 Newsletter

London’s environmental groups keep active!

June/July 2020 Newsletter

Responding to a pandemic

April/May 2020 Newsletter

Responding to a pandemic

March 2020 Newsletter

March newsletter – a busy season!

January/February 2020 Newsletter

Welcome Snow, Welcome 2020!

December 2019 Newsletter

December – Time does fly, 2019 nearly over!

November 2019 Newletter

Seasons Change!

October 2019 Newsletter

Fall arrives!

September 2019 Newsletter

TREA has had a busy August!

July and August 2019 Newsletter

TREA continues to support events this summer with composting and waste reduction!

June 2019 Newsletter

Thank you everyone for participating with all the events surrounding Celebrate Cycling in June!

May 2019 Newsletter

Spring is here! Thank you everyone for participating with our recent TREA workshops, and our yearly involvement with Clean and Green Day at Mitches Park and our Compost Day sale.

April 2019 Newsletter

There are lots of ways to keep busy in April!

March 2019 Newsletter

TREA has many upcoming for the month of March!

February 2019 Newsletter

Lots of exciting things happening in February!

January 2019 Newsletter

Welcome to a new year, new challenges and new opportunities! TREA would like to thank everyone that supported our pre-holiday, 12 days of Christmas auction.

December 2018 Newsletter

Happy Holidays from TREA! This has been a busy year and we would like to thank those that supported us!

November 2018 Newsletter

A busy month! TREA would like to thank all the folks that attended its Keeping It Natural fashion show, held Oct 18.

October 2018 Newsletter

Waste Week starts the week of October 15!

September 2018 Newsletter

New beginnings! TREA is organizing its first fashion show! Keep Thursday Oct 18 free! Contact us for tickets at Check our Facebook page here and access tickets through EventBrite here. Hope to see you there!!

August 2018 Newsletter

August already! TREA has been busy promoting waste reduction. TREA volunteers were again at Home County Folk Festival, and Inspiration Fest. Even with rainy weather, we saw great enthusiasm from attendees.

July 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to summer, be sure to keep up to date with TREA’s summer events. Or come visit us to find out more about our composting site or pollination garden.

June 2018 Newsletter

London’s 27th Bicycle Festival was this month, get out and enjoy the beautiful weather on a bike!

May 2018 Newsletter

Thank you for your support in attending London’s Compost Day sale on Saturday, May 5 at the London Food Bank and Richmond North Centre.

April 2018 Newsletter

We just want to remind you to celebrate Earth Day, April 22 with TREA this year with a lovely meal and good friends at Plant Matter Kitchen through their Dinner for a Cause program.

March 2018 Newsletter

During February and March TREA is developing a TREA video specifically to talk about TREA and its opportunities, as well as creating a new TREA pop-up display panel and new project flyers.

February 2018 Newsletter

TREA is taking special time now to map out the year 2018. This includes governance, special projects, presentations, special events and volunteer opportunities.

January 2018 Newsletter

TREA and participate with LEN’s Day of Refle-Action held on Nov. 17 with other community groups. Amazing updates and idea sharing took place and a fabulous lunch was catered by Growing Chefs.

December 2017 Newsletter

TREA welcomes 2 new Board members – Colin Baird and Melissa March. Recent activities – we were pleased to be on a team in the finals at GreenDrinks, Oct 5 on the topic of community energy planning.

November 2017 Newsletter

We was pleased to have a message at Western Fair this year (Sept 8-17) in conjunction with displays organized by Friends of Urban Agriculture (who are partnered with the Fair). Also in Sept, TREA had a display at Doors Open on Sept 16 held at Grosvenor Lodge where TREA has its office (see photo). A country fair was well received by those attending. Several activities ranged from a vintage market, tea garden, children’s area, and musical entertainment to historic building tours. Over 700 attended.    

September/October 2017 Newsletter

This fall TREA is moving to finalize a new version of its Green Directory, a successful program TREA has offered for several years. More recently over the last 5 years, it stepped back as EcoLiving London established a commercial listing of retailers and advertising stream, but now that is not offered so the Green Directory is once again a community education source on businesses, info and contacts.    

August 2017 Newsletter

TREA is starting to expand composting awareness efforts by attending smaller park special events in London promoting waste diversion and composting. Our thanks goes to those inviting TREA.

July 2017 Newsletter

July has been a busy month with 2 new summer students on board – TREA welcomes Jessica and Scout. TREA has had another successful year helping World Partnership Walk and Home County Folk Festival at Victoria Park.

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