• Earth Overshoot Day

    Aug. 2, was Earth Overshoot Day, the date when humanity’s annual demand on nature exceeds what Earth can regenerate over the entire year, according to Global Footprint Network, the research institute specialized in natural resource accounting that has developed the Ecological Footprint metric. Human activity currently consumes 1.71 times more renewable natural resources and ecological services than Earth can renew, depleting our natural capital. Consuming natural resources 71 percent faster than what Earth can regenerate means ...

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  • Big Bike Giveaway – Oct 1, 2017

    Be part of  Oct 1, 2017 Seeking used, working bikes for a good home! Since 2014, Big Bike Giveaway has given out over 500 bikes to the community, for free! Big Bike Giveaway collects and repairs bicycles and gives them away once a year in the fall. The intent of the program is to help people living ...

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  • Food waste survey

    Western, in conjunction with the City of London, developed a London household food waste survey to help them understand the amount and reasons why food is wasted and what leads to these behaviours. The focus is on food that could have been eaten (e.g. whole fruit, bread, leftovers etc.) rather than the parts of food that cannot be eaten. Ultimately survey results will help them better understand how much and why food is wasted ...

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  • Dead Zones

    I saw Stephen King’s “The Dead Zone” for the very first time a few months ago. Interesting to see Christopher Walken, Tom Skerritt, and Canadian Nicholas Campbell as young actors. But the movie was not very scary. Probably partly because there have been much scarier films since then, with much more graphic violence. Moreover, the film is not as scary as the real “dead zones”. In 1974, The Gulf of Mexico near the mouth of the ...

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  • CSO’s: Combined Sewer Overflows – A Bad Combination

    [note: CSO’s are alternatively called Combined Sewer Overflows/Outlets/Outfalls] It might be obvious by now that the titles of this blog series are following alphabetical order. I picked that strategy as a writing exercise for no other reason that finding a topic on sewage to fit all letters of the alphabet (Q, X, Y, Z, for example) will force me out of my “comfort zone” and do further research. I’m a microbiologist by training, but have no particular ...

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