Waste-Free Initiative

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A big thank you to Westminster College Foundation for supporting our kids program on Waste-Free


TREA’s Support for waste-free!

Practical steps to reduce the amount of garbage we put to the curb are listed here. We also have an online 30 day Challenge we invite you to work through and let us know your results.

Source reduction is waste prevention. We are creative – we can cut back on waste by conserving resources which in turn can reduce the cost of municipal recycling, composting, and landfilling programs for everyone.
Most importantly, we can cut back on unnecessary packaging for many things we use like laundry soap, pet food, shampoo, and various household items – the list is endless. We can plan to use non-hazardous materials in our home by bringing baking soda, vinegar, and borax into our cleaning regime.

We can also declutter the stuff we already have. It can be a cathartic experience and rewarding to donate items we don’t use anymore to a charity to resell them, take clothes we don’t wear anymore to a consignment shop, recycle a ladder or lawnmower to a friend who can use it, even to bring in an organizer to help us part with things we don’t use anymore be it sporting equipment, appliances, computer equipment and so on. There is a lot we can improve on – we can seek repairs for unused items, mend clothes, borrow/rent and share instead of purchasing items we hardly ever use, let grass clippings decompose on the lawn to return nutrients to the soil, we can do this!

Take our Challenge! We also encourage you to visit TREA’s online Green Directory which goes into much more detail on what you may be interested to know about local, provincial and federal activities and listings of resource folks and local shops to follow up with more informed decisions. And finally, TREA also has a composter/groundcover demonstration site and a pollinator garden to check out too.

We thank Fateh Rai and Joshua Swift for their expertise in putting this guide together —-

Thank you again for your interest to reduce London’s waste!!

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