Kids Waste Free Survey

Welcome to your Kids Waste Free Survey

We thank Westminister College Foundation for their support of this project.

Food may just be the easiest way we can demonstrate zero waste on. In 2018, Ontario generated 3.6T million of food and organic waste from restaurants, residents, retail outlets and farmers. Most could have been eaten or reused. About 60% of that waste went to landfill instead of organic waste facilities.

On average households in London waste 125 kg of food per year valued at $600. If we asked 8 neighbours to rethink food, we could make a big impact on waste.

ZERO Waste Survey- Can you save a tonne?

For Elementary Students

We can buy a composter or start a compost pile in our backyard

Value 0.13 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions

We can buy any groceries using reusable bags, ie 5 plastic bags/week/yr

Value 8.25 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions

We can use reusable water bottles, ie 500 ml bottle 828g x 2/day for a year

Value 0.60 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions

We can cut back on eating meat which can protect our habitat

Value up to 27 kg of greenhouse gas emissions

We can grow a garden to replace 20% of the imported food we now buy

Value 31kg of greenhouse gas emissions

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