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  • World Water Day

    World Water Day is coming up March 22 and the UN World Water Development Report 2021 on 'Valuing Water' will be launched that day. Take action on the very real water inequities in our own backyard – from rural communities without protected drinking water sources to First Nations communities struggling with reliable access to clean, safe and affordable drinking water. Visit

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  • Taking Personal Policy Action

    The federal government is developing a Canada Water Agency. Check out their discussion paper ‘Toward the Creation of a Canada Water Agency' Give feedback by March 1, 2021 on how to maximize the benefits from these investments and respond to the highest priorities toward future freshwater challenges for Canada in their survey.

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  • Vision Zero Road Safety Strategy

    The City is implementing an Area Speed Limits program lowering speed limits on roads with high levels of pedestrian and cycling activity. Visit their website to see what roads are being worked on during the first phase. Neighbourhood streets involved will have speed limit reduction to 40 km an hour. This is part of their Vision Zero Road Safety Strategy. The City has already reduced speeds on Dundas Place (Ridout to Wellington) now 30 km ...

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  • What is Green Bin?

    It is expected that a curbside Green Bin program for London will begin in the fall of 2022. Food waste represents about 60% of Green Bin materials and about two thirds of this is avoidable food waste. ‘Avoidable’ means the food could have been eaten. Consider what steps could be taken in your household to reduce avoidable food waste. Mention of the60% Waste Diversion Action Plan

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