CAN-Bike London

TREA is a partner of CAN-Bike London which began as a TREA program and is now a standalone.  Several TREA members are CAN-Bike instructors and TREA continues to be supportive of CAN-Bike’s messaging having moved it forward. 

With its startup, TREA received CAN-Bike endorsements from the City, Middlesex-London Health Unit and the Block Parent Program. CAN-Bike is one action strategy in the City’s Cycling Master Plan to gain more cyclists. CAN-Bike is run by volunteers and most active between April and October. Visit and

CAN-BIKE provides a nationally standardized set of courses oriented to recreational and utilitarian cycling. Locally, levels 1-4 are taught to adults and children on defensive riding skills, traffic analysis, and collision avoidance techniques along with safe equipment basics, and a bike inspection. The program helps build self-confidence, and knowledge of road rules. CAN-Bike is offered in the 3 counties – Elgin, and Oxford but primarily in the London-Middlesex area.

Safe Routes to School includes regional health units, the City, Western, the school boards and CAN-Bike London all working together. Reaching new audiences has a positive impact as cycling is beneficial to our health and the environment by reducing emissions.

During 2019-2020, CAN-Bike courses were run at 10 schools. CAN-Bike also attended 10 community events promoting safety. During 2020-2021 CAN-Bike was impacted by Covid-19 but was able to work with Westminster HS to deliver programming with half the school, the remaining half to be visited in the spring of 2021. CAN-Bike pre-instructor level sessions were run in London, Chatham and Windsor and the CAN-Bike level 5 instructor’s course in London. TREA and CAN-Bike London also support the Big Bike Giveaway last held in the fall of 2020.