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Thames Region Ecological Association

TREA is a local, non profit registered charity, established in November 1986. The purpose of TREA is to promote environmental awareness and support events that benefit our Members and the Community of London. TREA encourages Citizen participation through raising awareness of environmental issues, and through Volunteering to promote and/or facilitate innovative projects that contribute to an ecologically responsible and sustainable future.  As the Environmental Resource Centre for Environmental Sustainability in Thames Region, TREA offers unique Volunteer opportunities and collaborates with Environmental Groups, Schools, Workplaces and Communities to foster active participation to promote a sustainable future.


Organization Profile

TREA is a local, non-profit, registered charity established in November of 1986. TREA’s main purpose is to promote awareness to our Members  and Community on …


Who We Are

TREA (Thames Region Ecological Association) is a vital, non-profit, charitable organization promoting awareness of ecological issues and opportunities to its Members and the Community.

TREA’s …


Our History

Encouraging London to adopt the Blue Bin recycling program was TREA’s first environmental campaign.
Milestones in TREA’s History
• TREA carries its agenda on composting, …


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Thames Regional Ecological Association (TREA) Board of Directors sincerely appreciates the generous contributions from both Members and Volunteers throughout the year. Every donation of time, …