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London Green Directory

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The Green Directory provides information on environmentally friendly products and services available in the London area. Several tips are included as well as agencies to contact for additional information. We also encourage your suggestions for any additions, revisions or improvements as we develop this resource onto TREA’s website for easier access.


TREA is a local environmental awareness organization established in 1986 with charitable status. Its members meet on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at Grosvenor Lodge (except for August) to learn more about important environmental issues and provide a forum to direct people’s energy into positive change. Everyone is welcome, invited to join, and assist in any way possible.

TREA has been on the forefront in London on programs such as the blue box and curbside recycling, composting training and a home study program, an information “Rot-line”, Bike to Work Week, Safe Routes To School and the Green Directory.

Members are committed to educating themselves and the community about the development of an ecologically responsible and sustainable future for London. Additional working groups address various issues which may include transportation, waste, air quality, composting, pesticides, the delivery of Trea Talk – a newspaper publication and updates to TREA’s web site.

Contact TREA for a presentation, to attend a meeting, or become a member at – Grosvenor Lodge – London Regional Resource Centre for Heritage and the Environment; 1017 Western Road, London, ON N6G 1G5

For more information contact:
TREA’s ROT-LINE: 672-5991 FAX: 645-0981

What Does Green Mean? Good question!

Many products and services claim to be “green”, “earth-friendly” or “environmentally appropriate.” However, a single, generally agreed upon definition of these terms does not currently exist. As a consumer, it is often difficult to sift the truly “green” from the muddy brown.

For the purpose of this directory, “green” products are those that are least destructive to the environment, from creation to disposal. “Green” services are provided in a way that minimizes negative impact on the environment, and/or that helps others to do the same.

The purpose of this resource is to encourage you to become more informed and to help you identify “green” products and services that suit your needs and that are the least destructive to the environment.

Try to consider the following when contemplating any purchase:

  • What raw materials are used?
  • Are they non-renewable?
  • Are they from endangered areas?
  • How much and what type of energy was used during manufacturing?
  • Was the manufacturing process environmentally degrading?
  • How far is the product transported and what type of transportation is used to get the product to the retailer?
  • How is the product packaged?
  • Once used, how is the product disposed of? Is it biodegradable, and if yes, how long does it take to bio-degrade? What by products are left?
  • Is the product reusable or recyclable? If yes, do the facilities exist for collection, reuse and recycling?
  • Do you need this product/service? Is a better, more earth- friendly alternative available at a reasonable cost?

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