Welcome to TREA

TREA’s (Thames Region Ecological Association) main goal is to educate its members and community to protect the environment, stay informed and take personal action. We also have an entrepreneurial streak given that TREA encourages citizen participation and innovative projects from and for the community.

Making a positive impact in our community

Waste & Recycling

Learn how to reduce waste through individual habits and larger events

Active Transportation

Learn the best practices and practical strategies for active transportation

Reducing Fossil Fuels

Gain practical knowledge & network to reduce reliance on fossil fuels

TREA projects support our strategic goals of increasing waste diversion, active transportation and reducing fossil fuel usage. These projects, in collaboration with other community organizations, have provided opportunities for residents to engage in more sustainable activities. We encourage self-sufficiency given TREA’s strong interest in relocalization, climate change stability, and energy conservation – which are important topics to Londoners.

Our News

Site Under Construction

Please note that TREA’s website functionality will be temporarily limited or unavailable as we conduct system maintenance and upgrades over the next month.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this period as we strive to improve your online experience.


We had a great time at Earthfest on April 20!

Thank you to all of those who came by and participated in our passport scavenger hunt!

For more information, visit https://www.earthfestlondon.ca/

Come get your compost on Compost Value Day!

Date of Event:

Saturday, May 4, 2024 – 8:00 am til 1:00 pm north location and til 12:00 noon south location

Event Venue:

Richmond North Office Centre (235 North Centre Rd.) and London Food Bank (926 Leathorne St.)

While supplies last. Bring your own container if possible. Proceeds go to London Food Bank, Boys and Girls Club London, Grow Cook Learn, and TREA.

CAN-Bike Courses

TREA supports CAN-Bike course instruction – to register follow up to info@canbikelondon.ca for details.

The 2024 season has started – check dates at https://www.canbikelondon.ca/schedule/

London’s Climate Action Plan

London’s Climate Action Plan can be read online! Access workplans and other supporting documents here.

The new Climate Emergency Action Plan is a community-wide plan to achieve three main goals: 

  1. Net-zero community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2050.
  2. Improved resilience to climate change impacts.
  3. Bring everyone along (e.g., individuals, households, businesses, neighbourhoods).

There is also an opportunity for YOUR feedback. Contact the project team by emailing climateaction@london.ca

Get Involved!

Ask TREA to get involved with your composting and recycling strategies

TREA in the Community

“Thames Regional Ecological Association is a key environmental organization in London. They are advocates for tangible change in public behaviour and are a wonderfully open, inclusive and collaborative group, and they work hard to support a wide variety of community groups, such as summer festivals.

Catherine McInnes – Former Artistic Director Home County Music and Art Festival

TREA Supporters