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  • The Thing Library: an update

    TREA partnered with the Reimagine Institute for Community Sustainability to establish The Thing Library in London. The Thing Library will help Londoners build a more sustainable future by lending gardening tools, kitchen utensils, home renovation tools, and more. Why buy something you need only once, or once a year, when you can borrow it?  Better for your budget, better for the planet! The Thing Library's anticipated opening is Spring 2022! For more information click

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  • 2021 TREA Online Auction

    Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2021 TREA online auction before Christmas. Our many bidders in the auction helped TREA raise over $2,500. The 51 businesses who donated goods and services for the auction are listed below. Many thanks to all of them!   Anderson Craft Ales Blackfriars Bistro & Catering Canadian Tire - Wellington Road South CAN-Bike London Chick Boss Cake - Custom Cakes & Cupcakes Chris Dancey - artist Copp's Build-All Copper Branch Restaurants Craft ...

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  • Reimagine`s Thing Library

    TREA is excited to engage with the start-up of Reimagine’s Thing Library in September. Just like a library is a place where you can borrow books, a Thing Library (also known as a library of things or a tool library) is a place where you can borrow things. The library will include a variety of things, such as gardening tools, kitchen tools, home renovation tools, and more! This library is for anyone who is looking ...

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  • London’s New Bike Lockers

    The City unveiled enclosed bike lockers at three locations on August 26 downtown to help provide cyclists a new secure space to park their bike – at the corner of Dundas and Wellington Street, the north end of Clarence Street (beside Victoria Park), and in the underground parking garage at the Covent Garden Market. At each bank of lockers, cyclists can rent four of the six parking spaces ...

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  • Federal Election 2021

    Elections are just one way we can address the climate crisis. More policies and laws that protect nature, give land back to Indigenous communities and reduce emissions are needed. London Environment Network has set up a template for Londoners to customize and make climate change the number one issue of this election. Please visit this link and send a note to the candidates in your riding ...

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  • IPCC 2021 Report

    Assembled by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — a team of more than 200 scientists — their latest report represents a sweeping analysis of thousands of studies published over the past eight years as people the world over suffer record-shattering temperatures and deadly extreme weather, from catastrophic wildfires to monsoon rains to extreme drought. Canada is warming at twice the global average. Please share and ...

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  • Trea`s New Board

    TREA is welcoming the spring with a new Board of Directors resulting from the March AGM. Peter Ferguson – President Jim McKinna – Treasurer Carter Eady – Secretary Members at large – Caleigh Campbell, Noah Stokes, Ava Thompson, Gosse van Oosten Planning will soon be underway to make 2021 a memorable year for TREA, now 35 years young.

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  • Every Child Matters

    There is one important sharing this week, one that touches hearts and should add momentum on the need for truth and reconciliation between Canada and First Nations: news from BC about 215 children interred with no accountability for their passing and no marker for remembrance. We express our sympathy, and desire to see and take greater efforts on this and similar First Nation issues that must be acknowledged, and where Canada needs to create new pathways.

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  • Compost Awareness Week

    May 2-8 is International Compost Awareness Week. The Composting Council of Canada reminds us the benefits of composting include that: Composting Reduces Waste & Helps the Environment - The more kitchen and yard waste we compost, the less waste goes into our landfills. Keeping organic waste out of landfills reduces the production of methane, which is a greenhouse gas 30 times as potent as carbon dioxide. Using Compost Improves Soil & Plant Health - The application of quality compost ...

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  • Guelph Organic Conference

    This year the Guelph Organic Conference, Jan 26-30 will have free registration for 5 online workshops. A special themed speaker on Saturday the 30th - Gary Zimmer of Wisconsin, will give a lively organic cropping session. Click here for more information.

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