• 2020 Earth Overshoot Day Delayed by 3 Weeks

    Once again, Earth Overshoot Day has passed as it happened on August 22, more than three weeks later than last year. It is presumed to be a direct result of the coronavirus-induced lockdowns around the world, not the intentional change needed to achieve both ecological balance and people’s well-being through influential aspects of sustainability. Each year, Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity has used all the biological resources ...

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  • Compost Day and June Bike Month Postponed

    Given the pandemic, Compost Day and June bike month events organized through Cycle Link were postponed. TREA's support of CAN-Bike London Continues. Trainings are starting this month from a waitlist of folks on 'Learn to Ride'. We also anticipate a CB2 course and a CB4 course this summer. Details are being finalized.

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  • Kick-Off of TREA How-To Workshops Given COVID-19

    Our series of TREA how-to workshops postponed mid-March given the COVID-19 is now picking up, and we welcome you to join us either on-site or online for these sessions. On July 8th, we kicked off our first workshop in partnership with ReForest London's Signal Boost program on Compost 101 with Caitlyn Lyons from TREA.

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  • New Summer Staff, Zoom as Online Venue, and Pandemic Update as of June/July

    Over the month of June, we welcomed new summer staff and reorganized our workshop series and speakers, and developed an online venue, Zoom. Grosvenor Lodge, where TREA's office is located has not been accessible to us except for business matters given two essential workers also have offices and work in the building. As of July 3rd, the City advised we now have access again to the TREA office, where the student can work ...

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  • November 2019 Update

    We continue our Environment 101 workshops for newcomers and are planning more sessions for the new year. A section is online in Spanish, French and Arabic for community to reference, visit The City Public Participation meeting on zoning by-law amendments to allow city-wide ‘farm gate’ sales on lands not zoned agriculture was postponed so City staff can also bring forward a zoning by-law amendment that permits ...

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  • September 2019 Recap

    During September, TREA members supported composting at a Labour Day community picnic, at an MPP 's constituency picnic, the Woodfield Street Fair and the Komoka Enviro Fest. We had good weather all round! Woodfield in particular is a great example of neighbourhood engagement. They hold Victorian Fair Games, games for children of all ages reflective of the late 1800s, historic displays, a Cafe with costumed servers, charity BBQ, and a ...

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  • Upcoming in September 2019!

    TREA has had a busy August so far including collecting the compost and recycling material at a  London Cross Cultural Centre’s community event, neighbourhood waste surveys in Cleardale subdivision, and the nurturing of TREA’s pollinator garden and compost demonstration site.  We are excited to help CAN-Bike, LHSC  and the Big Bike Giveaway again,  this year on September 8, with helmet ...

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  • Taking Policy Action

    In June, TREA attended a Green New Deal London town hall meeting to learn more about this movement. You can learn more too by visiting the website. Earth Overshoot Day was July 29th... the earliest ever, the date when humanity's annual demand on nature exceeds what Earth's ecosystems can regenerate in that year. Many voices need to be heard to change this around.  Everything we do makes ...

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  • Greening at Festivals!

    TREA continues to support events this summer with composting and waste reduction! With support from the TREA Board and many volunteers we have done composting and waste reduction at a variety of events. In June we were at Gathering on the Green, Boyle Centre picnic, and the International Walk. In July you may have seen us at Sunfest, Home County Music and Art Festival, and setup for the Pride Festival. Let us know if ...

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  • Growing Naturally Home Water Assessment Program

    The Growing Naturally Home Water Assessment Program offers Londoners a free in-home service to identify water usage, potential plumbing leaks & tips to reduce your water bill. Book your time with the @CityofLdnOnt #Water team now here. 

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