Make a Difference in your Spare Time

As a local, non-profit, registered charity – TREA is fuelled by the countless hours put in by their
volunteers. Week after week, they work towards a cause that impacts each and every member of the
London community. We believe in the development of an ecologically sustainable plan, and these
volunteers do their part to implement it.

TREA volunteers are offered a variety of responsibilities, from staffing an EcoStation at a Green Festival
to TREA Board of Director positions. Many opportunities require no prior experience/training and are
highly flexible in terms of commitment. I have been fortunate enough to engage in many aspects of this
organization; I can honestly say that it has been a thoroughly rewarding experience.

Luke Claeys, a Green Festival volunteer at the Home County Folk Festival 2012, said the following in
regards to his own experience: “It is a great way to make up the high school volunteer hours. You
work with a lot of cool people and the feel around the park during festival time is really fun. I would
recommend it to anyone looking to catch up on hours.”

Regardless of whether you are volunteering to gain community service hours or to express your passion
for the environment, TREA has something for you. I approached the organization with nothing more
than a drive and aptitude for learning, and as I am nearing the end of my commitment I can proudly
say that I have inspired positive change towards a worthwhile cause. If you are truly seeking value in a
commitment, then sign up with TREA now and make a difference.