Bikes, Bikes, Everywhere!

Cycling – an excellent source of exercise; an excuse to get outside and get some fresh air; a low-impact
method of transportation; a great way to spend quality time with friends and family. Whatever your
motive, cycling is enjoyed by many and should be celebrated for all the good things it brings us.

June in London saw the 22nd annual London Bicycle Festival with a variety of events for cyclists of all
ages, interests and skill levels. A ‘Bike Kitchen’ allowed cyclists to bring their bikes to the East Village
Arts Co-op for a tune-up by donation and learn a bit about bike maintenance. A family friendly ride
brought cyclists from Springbank Park along the Thames Valley Parkway to the Old South Community
Organization’s annual Gathering on the Green in Wortley Village. Those interested in cycle touring were
treated to an engaging presentation and discussion led by Bike On Tours’ own Howard Pulver where
one lucky attendee left with a free copy of Howard’s latest tour map outlining a scenic weekend tour in
the local area. TREA was also present at the YMCA Children’s Safety Village during the annual Birthday
Party to teach children about cycling safety. Local filmmaker Michael Scolaro won a one hour mentoring
session with a Rogers TV producer for his submission to the Bicycle Film Showcase. He produced a
music video for local band Gracious Collective called ‘Me and My Bike’. Great song and a great video!
And there were still more events and activities.

Although the London Bicycle Festival is over for another year, TREA intends to keep cycling as a primary
theme on an ongoing basis. Check back often to for updates on upcoming events including
seminars to teach you how to be more comfortable riding on streets, workshops to teach you how to do
some basic maintenance and other cycling related surprises!