London’s New Bike Lockers



The City unveiled enclosed bike lockers at three locations on August 26 downtown to help provide cyclists a new secure space to park their bike – at the corner of Dundas and Wellington Street, the north end of Clarence Street (beside Victoria Park), and in the underground parking garage at the Covent Garden Market.

At each bank of lockers, cyclists can rent four of the six parking spaces on a short-term (hourly) basis using cell-phone software. The first two hours are free, then the cost is $0.50 per hour after that to a maximum of 24 hours. Two of the six parking spaces at each locker are available for monthly long-term rentals. Applications are at City Hall. Cyclists must complete a rental agreement and pay $20+HST plus a $100 deposit through the City Clerk’s Office. This is a pilot project ending July 31, 2022.


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