Compost Awareness Week



May 2-8 is International Compost Awareness Week. The Composting Council of Canada reminds us the benefits of composting include that:

Composting Reduces Waste & Helps the Environment – The more kitchen and yard waste we compost, the less waste goes into our landfills. Keeping organic waste out of landfills reduces the production of methane, which is a greenhouse gas 30 times as potent as carbon dioxide.

Using Compost Improves Soil & Plant Health – The application of quality compost improves the soil in our lawns and gardens in so many ways. For example, compost:

  1. Adds slow release macronutrients and organic matter   
  2. Supports and enhances the soil’s community of beneficial micro-organisms
  3. Improves drainage and aeration in dense, clay soil                   
  4. Enables light soil to retain nutrients and moisture   
  5. Attracts earthworms and other beneficial organisms
  6. Enhances the soil’s ability to clean the water that passes through it to our streams and rivers
  7. Results in a darker soil colour, which better holds the sun’s warmth


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