Consumerism and You

A new school year has begun and already teachers feel they have no time to prepare a comprehensive lesson plan that could help students understand how their consumer choices affect the environment. And parents are challenged to provide extra learning opportunities at home.

There is free help available. If you are a teacher, parent or student then take advantage of a locally created Consumerism and You module here at curriculum designed to engage citizens in a meaningful learning experience where they critically assess the impact of how they spend their money.

In addition to providing information for teachers and parents this site also provides prepared assignments that the student can access on-line. And there are links to resources to assist the student in understanding the concepts presented.

This material was created by the Thames Region Ecological Association, emphasizing themes of waste reduction, buying local, moving from dependancy on oil to resilience, possibilities for the future and how we each can take steps to make change.

TREA wishes to thank the London Community Foundation whose generous support allowed this project to come alive.

In order to allow us to assess the effectiveness of this project we encourage you to visit the site and send feedback on the material whether or not you found it useful. Forward comments to