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  • CSO’s: Combined Sewer Overflows – A Bad Combination

    [note: CSO’s are alternatively called Combined Sewer Overflows/Outlets/Outfalls] It might be obvious by now that the titles of this blog series are following alphabetical order. I picked that strategy as a writing exercise for no other reason that finding a topic on sewage to fit all letters of the alphabet (Q, X, Y, Z, for example) will force me out of my “comfort zone” and do further research. I’m a microbiologist by training, but have no particular ...

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  • Beaches and Bleaches

    About 20 years ago my girlfriend and I were enjoying a walk along scenic Point Pleasant Park, which overlooks part of Halifax Harbour.  The beach ranges from sand in some areas, to fist-size rocks, to car-sized boulders in other areas.  We were jumping from one such boulder to another when my girlfriend happened to look down and commented, “I wonder who would climb up on this boulder and then change tampons.” There was a pastel-shaded ...

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  • Sewage Ain’t Sexy

    Sewage Ain’t Sexy   . . . a monthly TREA blog about the essential conversations we need to have about sewage treatment in London. Of course talk is cheap if not followed up by action  . . .   1. “A’s” for Alberta. Ah, Alberta. Mention the province around environmentalists and you are sure to hear strong opinions.  Oil, tar sands/“oil sands”, pipelines vs rail, carbon tax, and GHG’s will all come to mind. But this post is ...

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