Waste Reduction

TREA’s Waste & Recycling Working Group is designed to promote sustainable activities through application of the reduce, reuse, recycle and compost paradigm. By being present and sharing our knowledge at various Community Events and Outreach Programs around Thames Region, this Working Group works collectively with Volunteers and numerous stakeholders to promote Resident knowledge and participation in sustainable Municipal and Business Programs in the Region.

We believe that in the natural world there is no waste because the “waste” of one process becomes the energy for another. We live in a world with a rapidly increasing population and rapidly decreasing resources where there is no room for waste.

Waste is often the result of a convenience driven lifestyle based on consumerism. One of the obvious means for us to minimize waste is to follow the 3R’s – reduce what we consume, reuse what we have, and recycle what we cannot reuse. Reduce is often called “precycle” which is to place consideration on the item prior to purchase, ensuring that when it is no longer needed there will be no waste.

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