Consumerism and You

Taking the Right Step to Reduce your Ecological Footprint

Consuming Nature with our SensesWaste in all of its forms is impacted by our overconsumption of energy and goods. This reference material was created by the Thames Region Ecological Association, emphasizing themes of waste reduction, buying local, moving from dependancy on oil to resilience, possibilities for the future and how we each can take steps to make change. TREA wishes to thank the London Community Foundation whose generous support allowed this project to come alive.

This link will lead to you reference material that guides you through the process of determining what changes you can make in your purchasing habits that will have a positive impact on your overall ecological footprint.

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An excerpt from the Consumerism and You webpage:

In today’s society, it is easy for us to travel great distances, eat fruits, vegetables and other foods that come from far away, wear clothing for different seasons and produce a lot of garbage.

Garbage is produced because of excess product packaging, excess energy consumed in the production process to make the product materials and our throwing out of things instead of recycling, reusing or composting them.

Consumption is not bad: We need to consume to survive, but we also need to make very smart choices to avoid over-consumption and to reduce waste.

Your lifestyle is central to your consumer behaviour. Understanding how marketing, consumption and the environment all interconnect helps you make more informed choices while reducing your “ecological footprint”.

So let’s begin that conversation!!!