Library of Things

TREA has been helping Reimagine to set-up its London Tool Library of Things in 2021 within the new Reimagine retail storefront space with proper COVID protocols. This initiative will help Londoners gain skills using tools associated with growing and processing local food. Along with Reimagine‚Äôs community shared space and Repair Cafes, this is an ideal location for the library.  Outcomes expected are meaningful volunteer opportunities, new partners, workshops and an affordable approach for a pooling of resources to benefit the environment.

Recent years have shown an increased number of libraries in Canada and USA, trends often paired with increasing public interest in sustainability living and simplifying lifestyles without need to buy expensive, seldom used tools by encouraging frequent recycling use of tools.

TREA initiated steps in 2018 to see a tool library in London as part of a storefront with easy access. Since then, TREA has built on the concept with how-to workshops at the same time as the City was building a vision for an Urban Agriculture Strategy (2018), which also referenced tool lending libraries. As well, TREA had discussions with property managers for a retail space, obtained initial storage space for donated tools, researched other libraries and identified target audiences. TREA also early on organized 200 surveys to discuss with the public types of tools and location interest. TREA was very pleased Reimagine came on board in 2020.

Most recently, TREA has prepared a business plan for the tool library and helped organize specific food tools to be gathered in 2021. TREA expects to continue support over 2021 as Reimagine builds the infrastructure for this initiative.