• Waste Reduction Week

    Waste Reduction Week is underway and there are many things you can do to participate. See the Waste Reduction Week Calendar from the City of London for details.  At TREA we strive to ensure that waste reduction is considered every day in every way. There are many activities where you can participate and help you become more waste aware.  Check them out now. LondonWRW2013_Calendar_FreePress

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  • L.O.O.K. Fest September 28, 2013

    L.O.O.K. It’s a Party launched on a rainy day in October 2010. The weather conditions didn’t put a damper on the enthusiasm since in reality it was their concern about the climate that brought this group of committed citizens together to make change. In that inaugural year L.O.O.K was championed as a TREA working group. So now on September 28th L.O.O.K Fest will launch it’s fourth annual family friendly event with more learning activities, displays ...

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  • London Soup

    London Soup is holding their second event on October 10th at Saffron Restaurant. Further details and tickets can be obtained at London Soup has been supported by TREA since its inception. About London SOUP LondonSOUP is a grassroots micro-funder for small to medium sized creative projects, facilitated through delicious, nutritious soup and located in Canada’s London. We respect core SOUP democratic principles and values and our underlying theme is on sustainability: of locally sourced food ingredients, ...

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  • IWalk to School Day

    October 9th is International Walk to School Day. All families are encouraged to leave the car at home and let their children walk or bike to school.

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  • May 25th until June 14th 2012: London Bicycle Festival

    London's annual Bicycle Festival encourages Londoners to bike for transportation, fitness and fun. The Festival promotes events to educate people about bicycle safety and maintenance, local trails and tours. TREA celebrates over 20 years in delivering the Bicycle Festival.

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