Organization Profile

TREA is a local, non-profit, registered charity established in November of 1986. TREA’s main purpose is to promote awareness to our Members  and Community on the opportunities available to engage in environmentally sustainable actions today and the development of an ecologically responsible and sustainable future.


TREA has helped residents understand environmental issues facing us today and the transition towards healthier and more sustainable lifestyles. Some examples include TREA spearheading London’s recycling program in the 1980’s, Bike Week, the City of London’s first walking and biking map and the issue of pesticides in the 1990’s. TREA created London’s first Air Quality agenda, the Greening of the Festivals program and an extensive One Tonne Challenge campaign in the 2000’s. Since then it has been addressing consumerism, waste free topics, local food, our carbon footprint and energy conservation.

Our strength stems from many dedicated volunteers that support TREA working groups and allow TREA to engage with the public on a larger scale. Giving back to the community allows volunteers to receive training specific to their interests and provides opportunity to develop or enhance skills. TREA has had a strong influence on civic issues of creating and enhancing ‘green’ policy for the City of London. TREA frequently takes on co-op placements to support their career development and training in the environmental field. This has helped keep TREA viable and engaged in community issues.


TREA has served the community of London and surrounding area by providing opportunities for residents to engage in environmentally sustainable activities since 1986. TREA has program partnerships with the Active & Safe Routes to School program and CAN-BIKE London. TREA members are on the City’s Cycling Advisory Committee, the Road Safety Strategy Committee, the City’s Advisory Committee on the Environment and the City’s Urban Agriculture Steering Committee.

TREA as a charity plans programs and services around three main areas to achieve its goals. The Waste and Recycling theme is focused on composting education, projects, public workshops, and purchasing wisely. TREA participates with various community initiatives to reduce waste and has spearheaded a number of initiatives in the past. TREA participated on the City’s Community Liaison Committee to address the expansion of the landfill and a strategy to achieve a 60% diversion rate by 2022. Each year TREA works with various event organizers as part of its Greening of the Festivals Initiative to educate citizens on responsible sorting to increase waste diversion at special events. TREA has a composting demonstration site, a pollinator garden and a series of videos for public viewing. TREA has undertaken visits to neighbourhoods to help residents overcome barriers to reduce waste.

Under the Active Transportation theme, TREA hosts the London Bicycle Festival (the first week of June) yearly that welcomes cyclists of all levels to celebrate cycling and interact with the cycling community. TREA supports a number of other cycling activities in the community.

Our third theme, Reduction of Fossil Fuels support is based on the needs of the community, for example, TREA encourages energy conservation and works collaboratively with like-minded groups in the community to reduce London’s carbon footprint in a number of ways. This includes a teacher’s online consumer curriculum, workshops, a Green Directory, and outreach, flyers and opportunities to take action. TREA encourages self-sufficiency through a strong interest in relocalization and local food which continue to be an important topic for Londoners.