Organization Profile

TREA is a local, non-profit, registered charity established in November of 1986. TREA’s main purpose is to promote awareness to our Members  and Community on the opportunities available to engage in environmentally sustainable actions today and the development of an ecologically responsible and sustainable future.

TREA has been on the forefront of programs such as the Blue Box and Curbside Recycling, Home Composting Training, an Information Rot-Line to help with composting, TREA Talk, Bike to Work Week, and the TREA Green Directory, and our list keeps growing!

We regularly invite speakers to our General Meetings to provide support to our issue based working groups and offer a speakers bureau on various topics. TREA takes an active role in Community issues and many of our Members have representation on various Municipal Advisory Committees and Community Organizations. Our valued TREA team brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to TREA, including networks with various levels of Governments, Community Groups and Specialists.