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TREA Board of Directors


Anne Arnott

Anne has spent the past number of years on the sidelines, studying and analyzing the waste industry from the history of garbage, to where it is today.  She states “There’s no doubt that human consumption does have an impact on the environment in which we live, which is why understanding it is so important. The more we can understand, the better we can influence. Learning, understanding and participating in TREAs cause has never been more relevant than it is today. It’s all about Sustainability.”

Anne was born and raised in London, studied at Fanshawe College and earned Diplomas in both Business Marketing and Accounting Administration, as well as Certificates in both Occupational Health and Safety and Human Resource Management, currently working towards a Degree in Leadership at Brescia. She is employed by the County of Middlesex and is married with three daughters. For the past two years Anne has assisted TREA during the Greening of the Festivals at Victoria Park allowing her to gain insightful knowledge through the valuable experience.



Jim McKinna

Jim is a finalist in the CGA (Certified General Accountant) program and joined TREA in March 2014 as treasurer.  Jim volunteers for TREA to gain not-for-profit experience and to promote green initiatives and environmental responsibility in his community.

Policy Writer

Peter Ferguson

Peter brings organization and collaborative skills to the TREA board as well as an indepth understanding of environmental issues. After obtaining his PhD in microbiology, Peter worked as a scientist at Western for 11 years. He has a keen interest in promoting environmental protection, increasing science funding, and formulating science policy. His family lives in south London. Peter is an avid organic gardener, composter and recycler.

Program Manager

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Director of Funding and Sponsorship

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Director of Community Engagement

Kathryn McLeod

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Active Transportation Executive Lead

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Waste and Recycling Executive Lead

Rob Arnott

Rob has been employed in the waste industry for nearly a decade. After seeing first hand the impact on waste & recycling in our environment and landfills, Rob felt the need to help educate others on how we can consume less and recycle more.
As a happy husband and father of 3 beautiful girls, his hopes are to help our environment through education and action so future generations can continue their path on this earth.

Reduction of Fossil Fuels Executive Lead

Vi Bui

Vi harbours her passion for the environment first through a BA in Environmental Studies. She is currently doing her Masters of Science in Biology at Western investigating the effects of climate change on trees’ water transport. Understanding the challenges that both human and the natural world face due to climate change, she adamantly support a sustainable lifestyle and political actions to mitigate and adapt to climate change through the Reduction of Fossil Fuels Working Group.


Gosse Van Oosten

Early in his life Gosse lived both in Asia and in Europe and came to Canada after completing grade 3 in the Netherlands. Cycling has been a part of his life since his first bicycle at age 6 and he has mainly walked to get around his community. In 1977 he became involved in public life through the Community Council of White Oaks that had the goal of community building. This led to involvement with Urban League in the late 1980s. In the 1990s Gosse volunteered for the Bicycle Advisory Committee, which was formed to advise city council on improving cycling in London. He was on this committee for two council terms and at one point served as chair. Gosse was a member of the Transportation Advisory committee and the Community Safety and Crime Prevention committee.

It was through his committee work that Gosse became involved with the Thames Region Ecological Association and became a board member after having helped out with the Bicycle Festival in the mid 1990s. The Active and Safe Routes to School group formed in the early 2000’s and Gosse served on the board for three years. Gosse received the Green Umbrella Award from the Urban League of London in 2009 for his environmental work in the community. Gosse walks the talk and is careful to reduce his environmental impact in his daily actions.

Past President

Maryanne MacDonald

Maryanne has been a local environmental protection promoter for several years. Most recently as organizer of Waste Free World, Chair of Greening of the Festivals Committee and President of TREA.  In 2009 she created and edited EcoVox London Magazine in order to bring attention to local environmental concerns. Then in 2011 was offered the incredible opportunity to host and be the community producer of the local Rogers TV show EcoVox TV.   Maryanne has been honoured with several awards for her environmental involvement which includes: two Green Foot Awards for the London Plastic Bag Reduction project and Waste Free World, the Ivey Award for Environmental Excellence from the London Community Foundation, and the Green Umbrella Award from the Urban League of London. She was named to the Mayor’s New Year’s Honour List in 2010.

During the summer of 2013 Maryanne’s life took a detour away from the London environmental scene when she and her husband Lewis relocated to Ottawa. This made it necessary to resign from her role as President of TREA.  She continues to attend board meetings through Skype technology.  Maryanne first  joined the board in 2009 and currently serves as Past President.