London Bicycle Festival


May 28-June 1   Bike to School week promotion to schools, school visits. 

June 4-8               Tie again with national Kids Safety Week theme on concussions, partnered with MLHU.                                                      

5 workplace visits – presentations, display, information on local cycling events/groups

June 4-8               5 BIA visits to promote stronger promotion of bike racks, safer cycling opportunities

June 4-8               Commuter Challenge – this year is more of a re-introduction to it to gain participation.

Just sign up you and your workmates friendly travel distances this week at

June 2 – Sat         Yearly display at Gathering on the Green, helmet fits, bike light distribution-dusk riders.        

Check out:

45153794214 – 10:00 am bike parade starts at Commissioners/Wortley to green, visit valet parking.

June 3 – Sun        Yearly display at Children’s Safety Village Party –TREA safe cycling messages to parents.

                                The Old East Village Riding Group, 11am-12:30 noon, meets at Boyle Memorial

Community Centre (530 Charlotte) for a slow, social ride for all ages and abilities. New riders welcome.

June 4 – Mon      CAN-Bike safety training Learn to Ride children’s workshop – 6-8pm Grosvenor Lodge

June 5 – Tues      Movie night – main library “Rubber Side Down” documentary 7pm-9pm, two amateur cyclists attempt to pedal 8000 km from Victoria, B.C. to St. John’s, Nfld. to shed light on Crohn’s Disease – a film that depicts the vastness of our land, the spirit of our people, and a struggle that unites us.

June 6 – Wed      Clean Air Day – Squeaky Wheel ‘free’ maintenance workshop – being finalized.

June 7 – Thurs    Election – Vote CYCLING – Visit

June 8 – Fri          Movie night – Grosvenor Lodge “Bike City, Great City” documentary 7pm-8:30pm, city councillor in Ottawa promoting cycling friendly cities rating for bike friendliness Ie Copenhagen sets the gold standard for cycling and quality of life. Film also looks at what some NA cities are doing right.

June 9 Sat            2 CAN-Bike safety training Learn to Ride sessions –10-noon children’s workshop, 12:30-2:30pm adults.

                                Yearly display at Westminster Fun Day –we also have an area for cycling/quick tips. We are signing up potential participants for a CAN-Bike session in July, community centre is the organizer.

June 10 Sun        MEC know your bike, fix a flat workshop, 1-2:30pm, 1051 Wellington Road, $20.

Ilderton Outspokin Cycles ‘Gravel Growler’ bike ride challenge with 40, 80. 160 km rides start Ilderton Community Centre, 8-5pm. Visit

Big Bike Giveaway collecting donated bikes 9-12pm at same event. Check for other dates and details for September 30 yearly giveaway day (at Boyle Community Centre).