TREA is excited to have attended the City’s first Urban Agriculture Steering Committee meeting this month. The goal is to develop a plan engaging community to become involved with all the strategy’s many action opportunities. A final report at year end will be strategized for Council’s consideration.

Looking ahead – TREA attended a recent workshop at the Small Business Centre to determine any opportunities for a tool lending library; a webinar on Bike Safety and impacts of non-helmet use; a Pillar Risk Management workshop; and once again a visit to the amazing yearly pollinator workshop in Guelph.

During February and March TREA is developing a TREA video specifically to talk about TREA and its opportunities, as well as creating a new TREA pop-up display panel and new project flyers.

TREA is taking special time now to map out the year 2018. This includes governance, special projects, presentations, special events and volunteer opportunities. Email if you want to participate in this planning expected the last week of January. Or just send us your ideas that relate to reducing waste, reducing fossil fuels and increasing biking and walking opportunities on a community level.

During January, TREA will be distributing bike lights to commuters riding at night without a light. This is similar to what the City’s Cycling Advisory Committee took on as a project last year.  Also our first big education message this year will involve outreach on environmental issues with London’s multi-cultural communities. We look forward to talking to London newcomers and identifying volunteer opportunities.