Making London Pollinator Friendly

Event Date: November 24, 2014

Pollinators face many challenges in our urban and agricultural-dominated landscapes including habitat loss, loss of food sources, disease and pesticides, with many of these factors acting in concert. Recent studies have shown that several pollinator populations including those of wild and honey bees have drastically declined. The City of London has been very supportive of pollinators but more can be done.

What are the issues and what are practical steps we can take as citizens of London to help the plight of pollinators? World renowned bee expert, Dr. Laurence Packer, will share with us his insights on wild bees and will be joined by an expert panel to discuss conservation and restoration strategies in the city.

This forum is organized by the City’s Advisory Committee on the Environment, London Public Library and concerned community members.


For more information, please contact the City’s Advisory Committee on the Environment – 519 661-2500, #5417, Committee secretary – J. Martin.


Wolf Hall – London Public Library Main Branch.

Monday, Nov 24 7-9pm

251 Dundas St London, Ontario Canada N6A 6H9