‘Planning to Win’, a new (free!) Strategic Campaign Planning Tool for Nonprofits – FREE Webinar,

Event Date: December 09, 2014


December 9, 1:00 pm.

During the hour-long session, Meaghan Calcari Campbell of the Gordon and Betty Moore FoundationPanos Grames of David Suzuki FoundationAndrew Dumbrille of WWF-CanadaMark Shields and Allyson Boucher of Spitfire will walk nonprofits and grantmakers through Planning to Win, a free online tool that breaks down issue or advocacy campaign planning into six steps. The new tool, a revised version of the popular Just Enough Planning Guide, can help funders and their grantee partners more effectively use campaigns to advance their goals. Given the complexity of campaign planning, Planning to Win provides a streamlined yet strategic process for nonprofits and funders to use. In this special session for CEGN and the Sustainability Network members, Spitfire will highlight what questions funders and grantees should think through to ensure a campaign strategy is on track. Fellow funders and Canadian nonprofit leaders will also discuss some real-life examples of campaigns that used the Planning to Win model. Ample time for Q&A and discussion will be provided.

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