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  • Compost Awareness Week

    May 2-8 is International Compost Awareness Week. The Composting Council of Canada reminds us the benefits of composting include that: Composting Reduces Waste & Helps the Environment - The more kitchen and yard waste we compost, the less waste goes into our landfills. Keeping organic waste out of landfills reduces the production of methane, which is a greenhouse gas 30 times as potent as carbon dioxide. Using Compost Improves Soil & Plant Health - The application of quality compost ...

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  • Guelph Organic Conference

    This year the Guelph Organic Conference, Jan 26-30 will have free registration for 5 online workshops. A special themed speaker on Saturday the 30th - Gary Zimmer of Wisconsin, will give a lively organic cropping session. Click here for more information.

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  • Green in the City

    LEN"S Green in the City series mentioned in our October newsletter in now archived for you to re-visit on Youtube. topics include food waste, sustainable transportation, urban agriculture, responsible consumption and production, and a green economic recovery.

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  • Policy Action on The Resource Recovery and Circular Economy Act 2015

    Presently, less than 7% of Ontario’s waste is recycled through the Blue Box, and the province sends over 8 million tonnes (70%) of trash to landfills and incinerators every year. Ontario is now drafting a regulation to address packaging, paper, and packaging-like product waste and reform of the Blue Box. This regulation is an opportunity to enable a low-carbon and toxic-free circular economy in Ontario under the Resource Recovery and ...

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  • Waste Reduction Week, Single-Use Plastic Ban, and Reimagine Co Crowdfunding Campaign

    The timing of Waste Reduction Week (October 19-25) this year seems particularly apt given the federal government’s recent announcement regarding the banning of certain single-use plastics. Also, given the recent success of Reimagine Co’s crowdfunding campaign in London, which concluded on October 15, having raised $88,135 from 865 donors towards the opening of a package-free grocery store in downtown London. For more information on Waste Reduction Week, visit here.

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  • CAN-Bike Program with Westminster High School

    TREA has been helping CAN-Bike London this month with a Can-Bike program with Westminster High School students. Cycling has been part of their keep active agenda, and safety was an essential foundation for all classes underway this fall. Many thanks go to Big Bike Giveaway for donating bikes for this program. Also, local businesses have been supportive in donating helmets and provide donations to purchase bike tools.

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  • Visit TREA Composting Demonstration Site and Shade Composting Inquiries

    TREA’s composting demonstration site and ground covers are looking good. Please invite those who are interested in viewing various options of each to drop by. We also have a pollinator garden, which is coming along. Often, we get inquiries about placing a composter in the shade. Successful composting can occur under a wide range of temperatures. While sun exposure can increase composting rates, it can also cause overheating that ...

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  • Composting 101 Handout Updated

    During August, TREA reorganized and updated a past publication entitled Composting 101. Now available online and as a handout. Please share the publication found here.

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  • 2020 Earth Overshoot Day Delayed by 3 Weeks

    Once again, Earth Overshoot Day has passed as it happened on August 22, more than three weeks later than last year. It is presumed to be a direct result of the coronavirus-induced lockdowns around the world, not the intentional change needed to achieve both ecological balance and people’s well-being through influential aspects of sustainability. Each year, Earth Overshoot Day marks the date when humanity has used all the biological resources ...

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  • Compost Day and June Bike Month Postponed

    Given the pandemic, Compost Day and June bike month events organized through Cycle Link were postponed. TREA's support of CAN-Bike London Continues. Trainings are starting this month from a waitlist of folks on 'Learn to Ride'. We also anticipate a CB2 course and a CB4 course this summer. Details are being finalized.

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